10 Reasons Not to Hold Back on Mesotherapy


Although there is an ever growing array of systems and solutions available to clinicians and their clients in modern aesthetics, there are 10 good reasons not to hold back on mesotherapy, but to look rather, to utilise this effective treatment modality to its full potential.

1. Many treatment options

Mesotherapy has a broad range of treatments that can improve many of the aesthetic concerns that clients have.

Mesotherapy can significantly improve the quality of skin, feeding the cells with the active nutrients. Popular skin treatments include anti-aging, face and body skin rejuvenation, reducing pigmentation or acne conditions, skin tightening and stretch mark reduction.

Adiposity reduction treatments with mesotherapy help people to reduce specific, target areas of fatty adipose tissue and also aid in general weight-loss. They often work by breaking up triglycerides (solid fat), releasing the fatty acid components, and then accelerating their metabolism by the body.  Treatments that reduce fat also include mesotherapy products within their protocols to improve skin quality, which is absolutely essential in treatments for cellulite and weight-loss. Cellulite, of course, is a condition affecting skin layers that traps fat and fluid within them, and with weight-loss, it’s important to tighten and tone skin as the fat is reduced.

Mesotherapy has shown to be an effective therapy for androgenic alopecia, rebalancing the scalp’s natural chemical constituents and stimulating hair follicles, producing stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

2. Excellent treatment results
The popularity of mesotherapy can only of increased if clients were happy with their results. It’s important that they understand the concept of feeding the skin with small quantities of nutrients and how progressively, they will see their condition improve.

Taking before and after pictures is a great way to show clients how their condition has improved as, because it’s gradual improvement, it can be quite a surprise to them when they see the difference. The results achieved with mesotherapy are also long-lasting.

3. Quick treatments
Mesotherapy treatments take about 30 minutes maximum, which is great for both the clinician and client.

4. Non-surgical
There is a huge swathe of clients who are looking for treatments that you might call ‘ natural enhancement’, a bracket which mesotherapy falls into to. Most of the products used in mesotherapy and in Dermclar solutions are derived from natural sources, plant and herbs extracts, and the results are always natural looking as the treatments are working to reverse the physiology of the condition being treated, taking it back to a healthier and more youthful condition.

5. Very safe
There are very few safety concerns for the professional clinician and the treatments are considered very low risk.

6. No downtime
Clients can get back on with their normal lives immediately after treatment.

7. Comfortable
The no-needle mesotherapy treatments today offer extremely comfortable treatments and when it comes to mesotherapy injections, an anaesthetic cream can alleviate the superficial skin prickling sensation, making mesotherapy a comfortable treatment, particularly when considered against other treatment options.

8. Inexpensive
With Dermclar mesotherapy product costs generally well under £10 a treatment, this makes it affordable for both practitioner and client.

9. Proven
Mesotherapy has been used in general medicine for over 50 years and successfully treats over 100 general medical conditions. In dermatology and aesthetics, its popularity really started to rise in the early 2000’s.

You can find hundreds of clinical case studies which prove the modality in faculties of medicine and in study databases.

10. Practitioner development
Mesotherapy is a treatment modality that practitioners enjoy exploring. It’s interesting to see how client conditions improve and what can be learned by studying the clinical data; how the mesotherapy products used in a treatment course might be altered as particular aspects of the condition are addressed and the treatment focus shifts, for example.

If you use mesotherapy within your clinic and salon, one way to start investigating the treatment types that you may not of yet considered, is to find some suitable candidates for them within the clinic staff or people close to you, which is a great way to start getting some experience and documenting results.


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