5 Things to Consider at Client Consultations


The client consultation is an extremely important part of the treatment process which educates the client about the treatments and also ensures their suitability.

More than that though, it is an opportunity in which you can demonstrate your professionalism and build your relationship with them.

Have you ever considered though how your clients perceive your consultations with them? Here are 5 considerations to improve client consultations with look at external and environmental factors which are all controllable.

1. How is the room? Is it inviting and comfortable, or too hot, cold, dark, noisy, untidy and generally unwelcoming?

2. Don’t allow for distractions. For example, they could be visual, such as with unusual objects or art; auditory, with noise from the waiting room; or olfactory from strong and pungent odours.

3. Seating: Does the client have a nice comfortable chair to sit on facing you or are they looking across a desk/divide? Is your chair at the same height or more elevated?

4. Don’t allow for interruptions. Ensure that phones don’t ring and people don’t disturb you, giving your client the full attention they deserve.

5. Computer: Ensure you know how to operate it without problem or delay. Also enable the client to see the screen just as easily as you can and make sure that the computer doesn’t get more attention than the client.

It’s good idea to take a moment to see yourself as the client and the situation they find themselves in when visiting your consultation room. Enter the room as if seeing it for the first time and take their seat, becoming aware of anything you need to change which lessens their experience and undermines their comfort.

You clients are the most important part of your business, after all, and a good consultation allows them to feel relaxed in the clinical environment and more confident in you as their practitioner. It also means that the communication within the consultation will be more effective and, as it is an extremely important meeting, this should be highly regarded by all good clinicians.


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